is the tradename of an innovative development.

What does BluMo®Energy do?

-  Improves the balance of the human body

-  Improves the well being of people

-  Improves the climate balance between the human body and environment


How does BluMo®Energy work?

-   Small, finely milled particles of minerals have harmonizing vibrations to the body´s energy system to improve the sense of balance.

- These minerals as seen in nature improve and influencen the climate balance through the insulation effect.



Where is BluMo®Energy applied?

-  Coating, printing, spray application

-  Dry deposit  30-50 g / qm on the back side of the fabric.


The completely new product BluMo®Energy has demonstrated its effects in trials on many volunteers with great success.                  

The product is now also registered at the German Patent- and Trade Mark office.

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